Being a Midlife Goddess is embracing all people, things and adventures that are Fun, Fierce, and FABULOUS for the over Forty Ladies!  This site will highlight travel experiences, lists for entertaining and money saving techniques along with pictures of my backyard garden bounty.  It’s all Fabulous if it makes your life more enriching and pleasing to others around you!  I will also give you some links to my proven favorites that I think are worth trying out.



This site is about having FUN and ADVENTURES in our Midlife world.  I want to talk about things we awesome Midlife Goddesses do with our family, friends, co-workers and anyone we spontaneously meet when out and about.  While I will post some health and wellness ideas that have worked in my 50 years — this will not be a site to get the latest on Menopause cures.  So check us out and Enjoy!



Let’s face it — your friends are your tribe!  I have been blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life and I love them all!  These women love to party and are always just a text away no matter how far away we live from each other.  It always amazes me that I can contact a friend that I haven’t talked to in years and we pick up just like we have been hanging together every weekend!

Lady’s Weekend Fun

Good Wine, Great Food and my BFF


All adventures are made better with a wonderful glass of good red wine and a snack to boot.  My BFF since third grade, Kristy and I went on truly a trip of a lifetime to Italy last year.  Every place we dined, we would just order the red table wine and was never disappointed!  The sights were awe inspiring and we met so many delightful people from all over the world.  Not being shy at all, we constantly chatted up our fellow diners as a Good Goddess would do.

This picture is at one or our favorite bistros in Florence!  Ciao Bella <3


Italy! Florence bistro

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