10 Fabulous Hostess Gifts from Oprah's Favorite Things List
Oprah's Favorite Things Le Creuset Salt Mills
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10 Fabulous Hostess Gifts from Oprah’s Favorite Things List

Oprah’s Favorite Things list comes out in November and we should save this list as a “go to” guide for our many Midlife Goddess Hostesses!  I have compiled a list of goddess-worthy gifts under $50 that any Hostess would just love to open up. You know that she has put in a lot of time cooking and cleaning and setting up the perfect dinner party or Lady’s Weekend so show her some love!

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

1. LeCreuset Salt and Pepper Mill Set $50

Oprah’s Favorite Things list is an absolute dream for gift giving Goddesses! How I would love to open this lovely mill set and display it in my kitchen forever. I guarantee that your Hostess will kiss you and hug you right on the spot! Now $50 may seem a bit much for a dinner party gift but for a Lady’s Weekend hostess or planner this is an appropriate price range — you can split the cost with your other attendees!

Oprah's Favorite Things Le Creuset Salt Mills
LeCreuset of America Petite Salt and Pepper Mill Set

2. Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew $15

Hello to Wine Wednesday with this stylish corkscrew. I don’t know about you but I am constantly looking for a corkscrew while out on a Lady’s Weekend. AmIright? It seems to be the one item that we forget to bring along and nothing is more frustrating then a beautiful bottle of Rose’ that you can’t get open! Problem solved with this cute little tool! (FYI — catch this one quick as it is on sale on Amazon at that $15 price — stock up for future gifts!)

Oprah's Favorite Things Rabbit Corkscrew
Rabbit Axis Lever Corkscrew

3. Stephanie Johnson Havana Folding Mirror $25

Such a lovely mirror for the make-up loving Hostess from Oprah’s Favorite Things list. There are several different colors to chose from to coordinate with the hostess’s personal space. She will think of you every time she sits down to apply her moisturizer!

Oprah's Favorite Things Stephanie Johnson Havana Folding Mirror
Stephanie Johnson Havana Folding Mirror

4. W&P Cheese Knife $35

Charcuterie fun for all! This will be a beautifully displayed knife on a delicious cheese tray.  I often put out a yummy cheese and fruit tray when any guests are expected — see my Hosting a Fabulous Lady’s Weekend post (here). Your hostess will definitely have a use for this fine cutlery!

Oprah's Favorite Things W&P Cheese Knife
W&P Cheese Knife 7 inch

5. Harry Baker Dog Spa $44

You know that Oprah is a Dog Mom who pampers her pooch! This is a sweet little set that will gain lots of licks from the Hostess dog of the home upon your arrival.

Oprah's Favorite Things Harry Barker Dog Spa
Harry Barker Dog Spa Gift Set

6. Honey-Can-Do Glass Herb Preserver $12

I have bunches of herbs growing on my back porch (here) always looking to be trimmed and used in some fabulous appetizers. This would be a fun gift with some actual herbs included from your backyard stash! Some cilantro will also add a lovely aroma as you show up to the party.

Oprah's Favorite Things Honey-Can-Do Glass Herb Preserver
Honey-Can-Do Glass Herb Preserver

7. Paperproducts Bone China Appetizer Plates $50

So pretty and unique as is most of the items on Oprah’s Favorite Things list! When you have a small group of ladies over for some tea, coffee, or brunch (fab brunch display here) what a wonderful set of plates to spark some fun conversation. There are other sets available as well that all have beautifully painted sets to match the personality of your gal.

Oprah's Favorite Things Paperproducts Bone China appetizer plates
Paperproducts Bone China Appetizer Salad Plates

8. Hadley Decorative Storage Book Boxes $40

These would be just perfect for the hostess with a cushioned ottoman for a sofa table. Of course, you would want to match her colors and decor but who doesn’t just love cream and blue!

Oprah Favorite Things Hadley Storage Book Boxes
Hadley Decorative Book Boxes

9. Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan $21

Lasagna Yummy! I know that carbs are taboo these days, but once in a while in moderation some good pasta will soothe the Midlife Goddess soul. I am sure you could make some gluten free lasagna to accommodate the healthy hostesses out there. (See below)

Oprah's Favorite Things Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan
Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan

10. Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night $43

Here is the Gluten Free Truffle Pasta made in Italy by master pasta makers. This creates a luxurious, decadent dish that is guilt free. Your hostess can make this in keeping with Goddess Rule #3 (here) which is the “Proper Care and Feeding of your Husband”.

Oprah's Favorite Things Sabatino Tartufi
Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night

Oh how we just adore our Oprah and these are all fabulous gift ideas that your hostess will cherish. Oprah’s Favorite Things list comes out in November and I can’t wait to see all her new suggestions! Always remember to treat your hostess with a lovely bauble upon entering her home to show her how much you appreciate all her trouble to entertain you and your family or friends.

oprah real life midlife goddess
Oprah! One of our Real Life Goddesses

As always, I also appreciate all my Mid-Life Goddess subscribers and hope you find some fun tidbits and ideas for gift giving. Please do me a fabulous favor and leave a comment and share this post with your fellow goddesses!  Also, hit up my contact page (here) to if you are not already on the list and subscribe to my newsletter and blog posts. Love you all!!

Remember to enjoy your MidLife ladies – it’s only a crisis if you are!


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