12 Money Saving Tips for the Midlife Goddess
Tayham Cash Card
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12 Money Saving Tips for the Mid-Life Goddess

Everyone loves saving money and these 12 money saving tips for the Mid-Life Goddess will not disappoint! We will give you some of our favorite sites, apps and ideas for putting that moola in your lovely midlife pockets!

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

1. You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement!

Buy this book! This book by Marc Lichtenfeld is full of all types of money saving tips for the “retirement” crowd. In fact, most of the following items that I will show you came from this book. These are items that I personally use and love! I gleaned several other investment and retirement goodies as well but that will be for a later post.


Look at my “Lifetime Earnings” above of over $500! That is cash back — it gets deposited into my Paypal account and I just started using this app this year! I use Ibotta just about every other day! If I walk into a grocery store (Kroger, Aldi or Whole Foods down here in Tennessee) I am perusing the app for the items on my shopping list. Goddess Tip: Only click on products you are going to buy anyway — don’t be wooed into buying items that you wouldn’t already buy as that is the way you spend MORE money and not SAVE money.

12 money saving tips
Ibotta savings on my Ava Grace Rose’

If you could see all my purchases! You would think that I am a wino for sure. But I love wine and those are really the biggest cash back opportunities on items that I am already going to buy! See my AVA Grace wine transaction above — my $12 bottle was on sale for $8 at Kroger and I got an Ibotta cash back of $1 — so I only spent $7 on this delectable Rose’! Download this app (here) today — that $500 in earnings paid for a fun Lady’s Weekend to Nashville!

3. Gift Bags

Never buy a Hallmark gift bag for $8 again! Or the cheaper generic ones at Target for $5! Reuse the bags you get from the stores you frequent OR better yet buy the $1 grocery recyclable bags and dress them up with some beautiful tissue!

12 money saving tips
Beautifully Recycled Store Bags

You will save money and be conscientious at that same time. These are just as lovely as anything you can buy at your card store and it is really about the gift anyways! Find some fabulous Hostess Gift ideas to fill your gorgeous packaging (here) from Oprah’s Favorite Things!

4. Ebates/Rakuten

Ebates is another CASH Back app for things you are going to buy anyway! The new name is called Rakuten and this is better used on your laptop for sure. You download the app to your laptop and an icon is set up in browser. This is cool because if you go to a site like Walmart to buy the fun new Jeans from Sofia Vergara (adorable!) — the Rakuten pop up automatically gives you the 5% cash back for clothing purchases on the site. That is all you do!

Once you accumulate some CASH — you get a “Big Fat Check” to your Paypal account! Love this easy money saving hack — download it now (here)!

5. Raise.com Discount Gift Cards

Talk about a Mid-Life Goddess moola saving hack! The Raise.com is a discount site to buy and sell gift cards for almost any store!  Starbucks, Bed Bath and Beyond, even airline cards like Southwest. This is another idea I found out about through my Ebates account. Goddess Tip : If you go to the Raise.com site — the Ebates/Rakaten pop up gives you another 1% cash back on your gift card purchase!

With my daughter moving back to college for law school this year — we wanted to help to furnish her rental.  I bought this At Home $148 gift card for $119 after the $10 discount.  This was a fun mother/daughter shopping trip and we saved $29 to boot!

Exact Pay” on Raise.com

Another service on Raise.com is called Raise “Exact Pay”. I was at Barnes & Nobles purchasing some of my fave romance books and I received a notification on my phone from Raise. (If you enable the location service for Raise on your phone — they notify you when you are in the vicinity of a store with a discount available!) When I clicked on the link Raise was offering a 2% cash back in the B&N store at checkout. You activate the cash back and pay with Iphone digital wallet for the “exact amount” on your phone and the cash is deposited into your Raise Cash Back account!

I know what you are thinking — I don’t have time to keep up with all these apps and links and sites. Believe me once you set them up on your phone or laptop they are all integrated and super easy to use! A good Mid-Life Goddess never turns down a good deal on something you were already going to buy!

6. Thank You Cards

It is Mid-Life Goddess rule #11 to show your appreciation with a hand-written note. See our Mid-Life Goddess rules to live by (here). Check out this fun and unique Bob Ross card at TayHam.

Bob Ross Happy Card
Bob Ross and his Happy Trees

TayHam.com is a wonderful site for finding unique greeting cards.  It is super hip and has some of the best “laugh out loud” cards that ladies of our age will totally relate. I send these out for everything!  This year it was my go-to site for Graduation Cards.  And all of the kids mentioned the fun card in their thank you notes back to us.

Goddess Tip: My good girlfriend Dacia gave me this “pay it forward” wonderful idea! When she sends out a handwritten card — she doesn’t write on the actual card but on a post-it note and sticks it inside the card. She then asks her recipient to reuse this wonderful card for her next correspondence! Saves time (looking for a card), money (goddess recipient doesn’t need to purchase a new card) and TREES to boot!! I did this recently for a hostess appreciation note to my BFF Kristy!

12 money saving tips
Sticky Note on Thank You Card

7. Amazon Prime

Yes, it is worth it. It is super easy and saves time and gas and yes — in the end MONEY. Try 30-days free (here). OK, so after the trial period you need to spend the $119 a year to get the prime membership benefits. The obvious big savings is NO shipping costs with 2-day delivery or later. At $8 bucks a pop — you save more than your annual fee just at Christmas.

Goddess Tip: Now here is an extra “mini cash back” incentive — if you skip the quick ship on items that you really don’t need right away — you get $1 in digital credit per delivery! That pays for lots of my Romance E-Books that I would be buying anyway!!

I personally calculate that my family saves over $1,500 a year with all the combined shipping savings, $1 digital credits, 5% discount at Whole Foods (we buy bulk seeds and dates and some gluten free groceries you can’t find elsewhere) AND once we gave up cable you get Prime Video for FREE! You savvy Goddesses probably already have Amazon Prime — if not what are you waiting for — get it now (here).

I also have the Amazon Prime Credit card to get an additional 5% back on all Amazon purchases using the card. It adds up fast if you are a good Goddess and pay off your cards each month — No Interest!

12 money saving tips
Amazon Prime Credit Card Rewards

Goddess Tip: If you buy Amazon Gift cards — you get 2% back when you reload the card! If you are anticipating a big purchase — do this first to save a few extra bucks. Got to keep on top of all the Amazon goodies!

8. Honey Coupon Codes

Honey (www.joinhoney.com) is another program that you sign up for and let it sit on your browser bar. When you are shopping for any fun stuff — it will automatically let you know if there are any coupon codes for that item! It also lets you know if you are getting the best price or if you can get a better deal elsewhere — sign up (here).

They also have what is called a “Droplist” — you add items you are looking for on a specific site — say Amazon. It actually syncs with the items you have in your “saved for later” shopping cart. Honey will let you know when that product has dropped in price!

Honey money saving tips
Honey Droplist Sync to Amazon

9. Monthly & Bi-Monthly Subscriptions

These are my favorites and I can guarantee you that I save way more by ordering thru these services then paying full price at the grocery store, restaurant or even my favorite go to for everything else — Amazon.

Blue Apron — I have been a Blue Apron Aficionado for over three years now. At about $20 a meal I can feed our family of three — or just my husband and I with leftovers for his lunch the next day. They are yummy and I waste NO food — no more throwing out the whole bag of carrots when I only needed three. We have also cut down on eating out — which is $60 a pop for two people in Knoxville alone. And if my husband takes the leftovers for lunch that saves another $10 per meal!

This also takes care of Mid-Life Goddess Rule # 3 (here) — the Proper Care and Feeding of your Husband. He loves the variety and also the price. I have tried all of the different home delivery boxes — this is the best for taste. We usually only get a box every other week or so as travel dictates and their site is super flexible to skip weeks. Go (here) and get a deal for $60 off and they have Beyond Burgers now!

Dollar Shave Club

This is another super convenient way to get an item that we all need very economically. The standard starter box comes with a lovely handle, 4 pack of razors and a travel size of the Shave Butter (husband loves this cream).

Then you set up restock boxes — I usually get (2) of the 4 pack razors every month. That’s it! They are way better on your legs than the cheapy disposables you get at the grocery store. Again, you can adjust when you receive your boxes super easy on the website (here). Goddess Tip: Rakuten/Ebates offers another 5% cash back on Dollar Shave Club purchases as well — YAY!

Butcher Box

The box is calculated at 24 meals for about $5 per meal. I get the Mixed Box every other month for $129. There is usually (4) steaks, (4) pounds of hamburger, (6) large chicken breast then it varies with different additional cuts of pork ribs, brisket, flank steak or salmon. They have member deals occasionally and I have added the “2 pounds of hamburger for life” and the “pound of bacon” for life — so they are now extra in the box each month for the one time fee I paid initially — usually about $20.

The site has a ton of recipes that I always look to when I get ready to prepare whatever the surprise cuts are included in the box. All of the meat comes from animals that are naturally and responsibly raised and fed. Right now you can get $30 off (here) and they are also running the $20 special for the extra 2 pounds of hamburger each box for life! I also use this site for unique “Man Gifts” as well. I sent the Ultimate BBQ gift box to my dad for Father’s Day and he still raves about it!


As you know, I am an avid Romance Book reader and as such I buy a lot of books! When I find a book that I need to have I check around for the best deal as any good Goddess would and I have several to choose from when needed.

Amazon Kindle books is usually my go to first for e-books. I have a Kindle Unlimited account which is $10 a month and has thousands of e-books available for free.

You are limited to 10 books “checked out” to your Kindle Unlimited account at a time so when an author promotes a new book I have to delete one book from the 10 to get the new one. Don’t worry, you can always go back to get the orphaned book again — but I have usually read most of them in my queue.


I always check Thrift Books for used hardcopies by the authors I love to have in my bookcase. I have the entire set of Christina Lauren’s books – most bought new when they come out because I just can’t wait to read them. But then I went back and bought used versions of the beginning books I had originally read on my Kindle at Thrift Books.

Thrift Book money saving tips
Use Code 15OFFNEW for New Customer 15% discount!

They are super reasonable — like $3 a book versus $15 in the stores. Click (here) to and use code 15OFFNEW get 15% off your first order! Anytime I am hitting up a author signing event I stock up on my faves!

11. Aldi’s Grocery Store

I have been seeing friends raving about Aldi’s for the last few years. But I have been a Kroger girl — ClickList has spoiled me for sure. In any event, my good guyfriend Eric forced me to the store recently when I was visiting him in Raleigh.

Aldi's money saving tips
My First trip to Aldi’s

WOW! The produce was just lovely and the prices are crazy good! OK the selection is reduced to like one brand per item but pretty much everything on my shopping list was somewhere in the aisles. I headed over to my local Aldi’s here in Knoxville and again — blown away! Eric says that he saves well over $50 a trip! Check it out for sure! Goddess Tip: Power up that Ibotta app before you go in for some extra cash back!

12. BudgetPetCare.com

For all my dog moms out there, your pups are your babies (cat moms,too)! Here are my lovelies, Callahan and Josie. LOVE THEM!!

We all need to keep up their shots, heartworm medication and flea applications. Those appointments are expensive enough and then you have to pay hundreds of dollars for the medications. I checked around and found BudgetPetCare. They have all the name brand stuff at much more reasonable pricing. I compared to popular site Chewy.

The savings were $30 over Chewy on just these two items by going with BudgetPetCare. And compared to purchasing these items from your Vet the savings is over $70 for each dog! You will still need to get the prescription from your Vet but they are used to handing these over if requested.

Budget first – Spend next

With all the cash saving ideas above it is still important to put together and keep to a budget. Mid-Life Goddess Rule #10 (here) – Pay your bills and pay them on time goes with spend less than you earn. Save some moola from the tips above for that retirement contentment you always wanted.

As always, I so appreciate all my Mid-Life Goddess subscribers and hope you find some fun tidbits and ideas for saving some cash. Please do me a fabulous favor and leave a comment below and share this post with your fellow Goddesses!  Also, hit up my contact page (here) to if you are not already on the list and subscribe to my newsletter and blog posts.  We are still running our September Giveaway as well for all subscribers (here). Love you all!!

Remember to enjoy your Midlife ladies – it’s only a Crisis if You are!

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