15 Secrets of the Ultimate Mid-Life Goddess Lifestyle
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15 Secrets of the Ultimate Mid-Life Goddess Lifestyle

15 secrets of the ultimate Mid-Life Goddess lifestyle are a list of golden rules for us fierce, fabulous and fun midlife ladies. The goal of launching this website is to highlight adventures and successes that we ladies have accomplished while still maintaining a happy and healthy home and family.  Let’s do this by imparting these 15 tidbits that all good Mid-Life Goddesses should live by.

1. Be Nice.

Karma is only a bitch if you are.

karma meme

A kind person will attract kind people.  The Mid-Life Goddess should aspire to be kind to everyone.  Mean ladies are not happy people and tend to poison those around her.  Don’t be mean.

2. “It is What it is.”

Don’t freak out over the small stuff.  It will eventually work itself out and you will be better for the lesson learned.  This goes with the “Things Happen for a Reason” mantra — so handle it with your Goddess attitude and move on.  If things you cannot change are constantly making your anxiety spike — you really need to practice some calming mediation techniques.  “It is what it is” should be an easy excuse to accept it, handle it and get to the next item on your to do list.


3. The Proper Care and Feeding of your Husband.

Marry someone who is kind to others and he will be kind to you.  A happy husband (or significant other) will endeavor to maintain a happy wife.  Goddess says – “Hello, Husband – I am going to Washington DC this weekend to visit my girlfriend Leanne.  The fridge is full and I have the dogs all taken care of.”  Husband says – “Alright wife, have a good time.”  I know that this will fly in the face of many feminists out there — don’t get me wrong as I assert my feminist views on the regular — but I love to make my husband’s life easier.  He is happy and goes out of his way to keep me happy.

Trophy Wife Meme

The aspiration to be a “Trophy Wife” is not a bad thing.  I have worked for 25 years and benefited from a fabulous career but now I want to enjoy life without going into the office each day.  With the proper care and feeding of my husband, it allows me to hang at home with my pups and travel with my ladies whenever we can arrange a weekend away.


4. Teach your Daughters to be Good Goddesses.

A good Mid-Life Goddess leads by example and our daughters too will follow these Goddess Rules to live by.

daughter meme

Help them blossom and they will grow to make you proud of who they have become.  I truly am a very proud mama as both of my girls are on their way to fruitful careers!


5. Be a Good Friend

Let’s face it — your friends are your tribe!  I have been blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life and I love them all!  Find time to spend with them and visit often.  My BFFs and I always treasure late night chats over a glass of wine to catch up on our family, other friends and life in general.  Make sure to always answer your tribe’s phone calls or texts as soon as possible – they may be in a crisis and only you can help.

Vegas Strip Friends
The Vegas strip with my ladies!

LADY’S Weekends are REQUIRED ATTENDANCE!  Check out my Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Lady’s Weekend at your House (here).


6. Take Care of You.

Always wear sunscreen — DUH!

Eat things that are good for you and good to eat.  There are good carbs and bad carbs.  A Mid-Life Goddess knows the difference so choose wisely.  Hey, I am not perfect and fall into a puff pastry for brunch once in a while — but make it rare and your booty will appreciate it.

Get your ass off the damned couch!  Walk your dogs, clean vigorously, garden actively, whatever gets you moving.  My hat’s off to you if you can maintain a rigorous daily workout schedule — that is to be admired (check out our Goddess Workout – here.)  I am more of a 10,000 steps kind of girl and really try to keep moving every day.

Invest in a good bra and good shoes! Support is your friend so be nice to her.  You are wearing a bra 75% of your time on this earth — ponder that a while. Tommy John Bra

I know that funds are limited for clothing at times — but make sure your boobs and soles are taken care of and you will postpone the droop of both.

Make sure you have an awesome colorist — mine is a doll!  If you can totally rock that “Silver Fox” look — have at it!  I look forward to highlight day with my stylist like I would heading to a spa.  I come home feeling calm and lighter — both my mind and my hair.


7. Be Truthful.

Tell it like it is and your fellow Goddesses will appreciate you – maybe not right away – but in the end a good friend will value your straightforwardness.

Mid-life Goddess Rule # 7

You are allowed to say “No”.  You can’t do everything or every event – bow out graciously and make the next one with more gusto!  I never want to miss a fun night out — but if I am just not feeling it — I tell my gal “I still love you , but I am just not feeling it” and we are all good.

truthful meme

Lying to get out of some event is NOT going to make you or her feel better when she finds out the truth — so don’t lie.


8. Buy a GOOD BED!

You spend 30% of your life on it so don’t cheap out on a shitty mattress.  Whenever I am asked for some profound “Life Advice” — this is my go to suggestion.  We bought awful inexpensive mattresses for years until someone gave me that same advice.  We finally invested in super awesome beds and wow does it take care of those sleepless nights and all the ills that come without good sleep.


9. Hostess with the “Mostess”

A good Mid-Life Goddess lives to entertain and be entertained!

hosting a lady's weekend

Always endeavor to make your guests feel pampered, well fed and hydrated.  I make it a priority to greet my guests at the door with a a hug and a beverage.  Overnight guests accommodations upon entering their suite should include:  1. A GOOD BED!  (see above) 2. A morning “Swag Bag” in case of hangover or forgotten toothpaste and 3.  A lush sleep mask — it keeps the light out and helps reduce wrinkles.

Hostess Gifts — You should never attend a dinner party or lady’s weekend without an appropriate gift for your hostess!

Oprah's Favorite Things Le Creuset Salt Mills

She put a lot of time and effort into showing you a good time and you need to let her know you appreciate it.  Check out some fabulous hostess gift ideas from Oprah’s Favorite Things (here).

Buy good RED wine — it’s totally worth it.  Personally, I don’t waste money on WHITE wines because they all taste the same to me — in fact skip it and go with a crisp Rose’.  Rose’ All Day is the new Chardonnay – YUM!


10. Pay your Bills and Pay them on Time.

A poor credit score will be the downfall of a good Goddess.  Keep track of your scores with Credit Karma (here).  Don’t spend more than you make — check out some Goddess-worthy money saving tips (here).   Once retirement rears it head you will want to live it up!

You don't have to drive an Uber in Retiremet

You can’t do that with too much credit card debt carried until you are too old to pay it back.  Also, invest in a good shredder and use it.  There are too many nefarious people out there trying to steal your information — make it impossible to get.  I know you hear this all the time but change your simple passwords!  Again I know it is hard and cumbersome — but just do it.  I use Last Pass — download it (here).


11. Handwritten Notes and Cards

This should be an automatic gesture when you receive a kindness or gift!  Birthday cards hang around much longer than the obligatory Facebook shout out.

Sister Card

It brightens the day of the receiver and will only take a few minutes out of your busy day to get that smile.  You will just love all the fun and unique cards at TayHam (here).


12. Do Good Things for Others!

Give of your time and/or money to someone or a cause in need.  You feel good, they feel blessed, it will make the world a little bit kinder.

Pink stand up for the cure


We are participating in the Knoxville Race for a Cure in a few weeks — you raise money for a good cause (donate here), get out of the house , exercise, and meet some other fabulous Mid-Life Goddesses!  All items to check off on your Goddess  Lifestyle Rules to live by!

Tip well and feel good about it!  It is someone’s livelihood and you are helping them reach their goals.  We all started out as waitresses, so treat the next generation of Goddesses as we wanted to be treated.

Alice and girls at Mel's diner

Plus, throwing a fit at the table is just asking for a Karma backfire — see rule #1.

“Pay it forward” and “Random acts of kindness” makes a Mid-Life Goddess a better person.


13. Take lots of Pictures!

Pictures catalog the timeline of your life adventures!

vatican art museum
Kristy and I had some alone time at the Vatican Art Museum

Offer to take pictures for a group of nearby strangers when you are out and about.  They always have the one photographer that won’t be in any of the group photos — so help a fellow Goddess out!

Facebook and Instagram — Moderation is the key with picture posts.  You only need to pick out one, two or three good pictures to show everyone the great time you are posting for that day or weekend.  Too many pics are just obnoxious and bad Goddess etiquette.

Instagram Facebook

The only exception to this rule — Glorious Travel Adventures — show us all the awesome reasons to go where you go.



Traveling soothes the Mid-Life Goddess’ SOUL!

Mid-Life Goddess Travel

Get your girlfriend tribe on an annual “Lady’s Weekend” schedule — and again they are MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!


15. Meditate Daily.

Be it spiritual, yoga, or morning coffee on the deck.  Reflect on your family, yesterday’s adventures or planning for your day.

Morning meditation

A healthy “Inner Goddess” will keep you calm and grateful for all that you have been blessed with each day.


Of course, these are the golden rules that everyone should live by — with just some fun Mid-Life Goddess twists.  I would appreciate your spreading the love and sharing this blog post with any Mid-Life Goddesses you know.  Let’s make this a go-to spot for some Mid-Life fun and adventure.  Sign up for my newsletters and blog posts (here).

Love your Midlife Ladies – It’s only a Crisis if You Are!



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