Avocado Tasty Toast
Avocado toast

Avocado Tasty Toast

Avocado Tasty Toast is a breakfast staple at our home. This is just an easy recipe to make for the family’s first meal or really any time of the day. This treat also accommodates our Goddess Rule # 3 (here) — the Proper Care and Feeding of Your Husband!


Avocado Toast ingredients
  • Toast — We use Dave’s Killer Bread — low carb yummy!
  • Eggs — Our neighbor regularly drops off their backyard chick’s booty.
  • Tomatoes — These Heirlooms are from our own garden!
  • Avocados — Pick some “slightly soft” ripe avocados.
  • Mayo, salt and pepper, and fresh chives if you have them.

These basic ingredients are always on hand and you can throw this together in less than 10 minutes. The kids even eat this Avocado Tasty Toast up! Good to eat and good for you.

Baste the Eggs

Poach the Eggs

I prefer poached eggs — but you cook them over easy or sunny side up — whatever floats your egg boat! As long as you can poke that yoke so it drips down into the toast crevices. These Silicone Egg Poachers are what we use.

Stack it Up and Enjoy!

Avocado Toast
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