French Garden Fun
Glorious Gardening

Backyard Bouquets

My husband has been working the master gardener gene for fun this year in the backyard. I took a tour of our backyard — and a few shots from the front yard too. The colors are just so beautiful and I hope you enjoy the pics.

Lily Bunch
Lovely Lilies
Mini Purples
Magenta Beauties
Tiger Day Lily
Tiger Daylilies
Indigo Sage
Indigo Sage with a friendly little bumble bee
Prairie Blossom Day Lily
Prairie Blossom Daylily
Magenta Yarrow
Orange Leopard Lily
Orange Leopard Lily
Bee Balm Monarda
Bee Balm Monarda
Petunia Bucket
Purple Petunias
American Chief Daylilly
American Chief Daylily
Backyard Garden
Backyard Garden Arrangement
Daisy Bunch Bouquet
Daisy and Butterfly Bush sprigs
Canna Lilies
Canna Lilies
Lily Bouquet
Lilies for my Table
Peach Stock Flower
Peach Stock Flower
French Garden Fun
French Garden

Hope that your summer is just a beautiful and full of color! Yep, all of these lovelies are in my yard and I get to admire them each day. What a lucky wife am I!

Remember ladies — Midlife is only a Crisis if You are! Melody

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