Be a Positive Influence on People in Your World
Be a Positive Influence
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Be a Positive Influence on People in Your World

Be a positive influence on those around you and positivity will come back to you in spades. The definition of Positivity: thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and focusing on making life happier. My nickname in my sphere of friends is “Polly Positive.” It may sound naive, it is anything but naivety. As long as I can remember, while dealing with negative people or situations, I always endeavored to look for the bright side. I want to be that positive force with an optimistic attitude towards everyone I come into contact with throughout the day.

"You is Kind" quote by Aibileen Clark from the Help

Be Kind

Words of wisdom by Aibileen Clark from The Help: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Wouldn’t you just love to have someone give this positive pep talk each morning before you head off to work? Being kind is easy. Every day we have the power to choose to act with kindness towards the people with which we associate. “Random acts of kindness” is a thoughtful way to positively influence strangers around you as well.

Random Acts of Kindness for a Positive Influence

Aspire to Inspire

Look for opportunities to build and elevate someone up. Show that you are glad for others — help them celebrate their successes. When a co-worker does something above and beyond in their everyday duties — tell them they are awesome and then tell their boss. Workplace negativity can wear people down and if they continually hear only the bad — their productivity will suffer. Place importance on inspiring those people who help you get your job done each day.

Respond Don’t React

When something goes awry, stay neutral and objective and gather all the facts before you react with negativity. Impulse reactions are often too emotional and trend toward an overreaction. Take that situation and form a response that is positive, even if it is a constructive criticism with an opportunity for improvement. I like to call it “turning a mess into a message.” Give people the benefit of the doubt and they will reciprocate.

It is What it Is

You don’t need to always be right. Challenge yourself to be objective on things you cannot change or don’t agree with completely. Looking at the big picture and finding where a positive outcome can be obtained will quell the situation. If a disagreement comes to a stalemate, agree to disagree and move on.

Be Better

Commit to continually better yourself and choose to be happy. Happy people raise the energy and spirits of those around them. Get out and engage with new folks. Push your boundaries and be open to new experiences. You will find joy in helping someone else be better. They feel encouraged and you will be better for it, too.

The Happiness Project book by Gretchen Rubin
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a journey to discovering how to create true happiness. Lots of great suggestions in her Happiness Project Manifesto like: “Outer order contributes to inner calm” and “Loving actions inspire loving feelings.” Reading goes a long way to bettering yourself along with daily meditation. Look up some feel good books and bank up some ideas to put positivity foremost in your daily routine.

Good Graciousness

A gratitude journal is a good way to remind yourself of the people and things you are grateful for right in front of you. I started one this year as a way to “intend my day” during my morning meditation. “Intending” to have a positive day as I work thru my schedule, run errands and interact with people for whom I come in contact.

Feel good about the things you accomplished the day before and plan the day or week ahead. Jot down people who are a positive influence on you and why you are grateful to have them in your life. Gratefulness is a major component to happiness and a happier you will posit that out into the world.

Written Appreciation

If you have been shown some kindness or given a gift, handwritten notes go a lot towards showing that appreciation. Doesn’t it just brighten your day to get a note from a friend. With typed email being the go to letter these days, get back into the art of the handwritten note and reap the benefits of positivity.

I am a gift giver and strive to find that something that shows how much I appreciate what someone has done for me. Granted, gifts are typically only for special occasions, but put some thought in to it. Hostess gifts are my favorite way to make that hostess’s time and effort put into a party appreciated. Each time she sees that trinket, I am positive she will smile in remembrance.

On a Role

Be a good role model by living a joyous and happy life. Lead by example and don’t fake it. Hypocrisy will ruin your credibility — so be confident in what makes you happy and it will reflect positively to those around you. Being honest goes hand in hand with leading by example. You can’t just spew “rainbows and unicorns” all the time without living it to the fullest. Be compassionate and be there for those who are down. Exploring someone’s strengths when they don’t feel it can possibly turn up something positive they missed in their situation.

Respectful Rivalry

Competition in business or the office environment can get heated at times. We can all be positive and great in a competitive situation. Greatness is unlimited so it can be shared with a common goal with rival co-workers.

The Office actors

Share and teach (teach don’t preach) what you know to your newer co-workers. The more you give, the more you get in return. There will be positive and negative people you work with or come in contact with. Surround yourself with the positive peeps and limit your interactions with the negative Nellies — you can’t change them. Negative reactions from others are more about them then you anyway.

Live, Laugh, Love

You see these wall hangings and quotes all the time. I have this one in my living room and it always makes me smile because it is so true.

Live, Laugh, Love wall hanging

Laughing releases endorphins — am I right? I am a laugh out loud girl and not embarrassed by it all. Don’t you want to know what someone in the office next to you is laughing about? It’s a conduit to creating a positive environment and lifting someone’s spirit. A smile goes a long way, too. You are walking down the road and catch the eye of that stranger — smile at them.

Compliments are Free

See a gorgeous blouse that harried mom is wearing in the grocery line — tell her she looks good in it. Random compliments will bestow a positive bit of energy towards that person and lighten their load and soothe your Goddess soul.

Compliments Quote

Is there anyone in your life that has been a positive influence on you? Please comment below and share the gratitude. Remember my darlings — Midlife is only a Crisis if You are! Spread some positivity to the universe and karma will be kind to you.

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