Best Tips to Get Organized in 2020
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Best Tips to Get Organized in 2020

“Get Organized for 2020” should be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list if resolutions are your thing. I am not really a resolutions “list” type of gal — more a follow the Mid-Life Goddess Rules to Live By and you will be good for the year! An organized day, makes for a much more soothing week, leading to a more functional home. In the words of Leslie Knope “you’re beautiful and you’re organized!” (That’s an inside Parks and Rec joke for those in the know.) So let’s do this now.

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Budget Booyah!

Organizing your financial life begins with a practical budget and sticking to it. Discussing your investment and retirement goals with your significant other is a first step. Putting together a basic annual and monthly budget will help keep your finances organized. Once you have that budget is set — keep your receipts and bills organized with these colorful folders.

Aren’t these just beautiful! And it will help get some of that clutter off your home office desk. I typically keep a folder by month so that if we are looking for a specific receipt or invoice — go to that month and there it is!

As for the ultimate investment organization — depending on your situation — set up an appointment with your financial adviser (if you didn’t already do this before the year end.) Check out my personal guide for that annual financial discussion (here). I also found this fabulous site Everplans that has a pretty detailed checklist for those important documents (here).

Domesticated De-Clutter

Marie Kondo has a wonderful book — The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Orgainzing. You must get this if you want to attain Zen in your home clean up. She has lots of detailed tips and methods to get you on track to tackle all those piles!

Marie has advice and guidance like “clothing storage: fold it right and solve your storage problem” and “start by discarding, all at once, intensely and completely”. For fun catch her sweet show Tidying Up on Netflix, too!

CLOSETS — We all need to challenge that closet. Better to tackle that now while it is cold outside. Really go thru and analyze each piece of clothing hanging in there. Donate or consign that suit jacket you haven’t worn in three years. Y’all know the boxes — Keep, Donate, Toss. I would add “does it bring me Joy” or “do I absolutely look fabulous in it?” This works and will soothe your soul to walk into that organized bliss each day to pick your outfit.

Closet Organization
Tackle that Closet

Put together your own closet re-organization — I try to do all my outfits by color, in order by type — blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, pants and your shoes and purses, too! I am also tackling my daughter’s closets now that they have moved out — how did they accumulate so many hoodies? Hit the hubby’s space too — I just replaced all his white undershirts (they were like 10 years old!) with these affordable Hane’s V-necks.

Mid-Life Goddess Tip: Flip all your hangers backwards at the beginning of this New Year. As you wear an item thru the year put it back on the rack and hang it the right way forward. At the end of the season or year — get rid of all those left on the backwards hangers — or at least analyze why you still NEED them.

KITCHEN — My Kitchen clutter goal this year is a small one but necessary for cooking sanity — my spices! We do a lot of Blue Apron so I am learning to cook with some fun spice options. But my spice cabinet is a mess when cooking on my own. Look what I found! I just ordered these Spiceliners and picked out a drawer to organize all those little bottles.

This creates a custom spice drawer, just measure and cut the liner to fit your drawer. Looking forward to some yummy cooking without all those bottles falling out of my cabinet! There are a ton of kitchen organizing racks and hooks out there — just focus on where you “struggle” when cooking in your space.

OFFICE — I showed you the sweet hanging file folders above but what about all those chargers hanging around. Our office is where we set up this fashionable bamboo charging station.

WHOLE HOUSE CLUTTER — Walk thru your rooms and look at what is on that credenza, dresser or knick-knack shelf. Do you constantly dust it and just put it back without having any significance to it? Same with your wall hangings — are those 10 years old? Toss it or box it or give it away. Create space for something more fabulous!

Stylish Storage

My darling friend Joanne turned me on to these stylish Scout Bags storage bins. They are just gorgeous and super sturdy. I sent some off with my daughters as they are moving into their new apartments. Scout Bins are also perfect for that long road trip or lugging stuff to that tailgate in style.

Scout Bags for Stylish Storage

The “Large Rump Roost” box fits right in your trunk. The “Trash Cache” is a stylish bin for those cans and bottles quests need to throw out during an organized house party. If you have Rakuten on your laptop you get an additional 4% back!

Organize your Time

Getting a new Moleskine planner each year is one of my most anticipated events — total nerd that I am! This easily fits in my purse and is just so wonderful to use each day. I will still add appointments to my phone so that the text or alarm reminds me to get going.

Along with your trusty daily planner, get a big desktop calendar each year to track your family’s “Month at a Glance” schedule. When I was in the corporate world, we would always get free desktop calendars from the various vendors stopping by to put their logo in our face. Now I have to buy them each year because I am addicted to keeping a big picture on the month ahead. I just found this lovely floral desk calendar, it’s awesome and like $13!

Go thru the whole year and fill in those BIG dates for 2020. Planned travel, birth dates of family and friends, concerts or work seminars. I attend several author signing events each year and just love filling them in my calendar for the whole year. Weird, I know.

Sticky TO DO’s

If you are like me, I have sticky notes all over the place with lists that need to get done each day. Then I consolidate them to a master list sticky note and on and on. Moleskine is my go to daily planner and I fill it with those sticky notes. Well, I have found the ultimate sticky note resolution — Redi-Tag Dividers.

For the tech savvy and environmentally conscious — there are a ton of “TO DO LIST” Smartbooks out there as well. This Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is supposed to be the bomb!

It connects with your phone and no paper! It’s on my list to try — if I could just get one to connect with my pretty Moleskine!

Alexa also has a To-Do “list” section on the Alexa app. I use this for accumulating our weekly grocery shopping list. If you have an Amazon Echo in your kitchen — just tell Alexa to “start a shopping list”. Then whenever you run out of a staple in your fridge, yell out “Alexa, add sour cream to my shopping list.” When you get to the grocery store, pull up your Alexa app on your phone and you have the shopping list to check off as you go thru the store. LOVE it!

Password Organization

Passwords are a required PAIN to keep track of securely. Each year you should go thru and shake up those passwords. I used to have a page in my planner with all my passwords until I read a story of a woman who lost her calendar. Yep, she had all her passwords in it and ended up in a huge mess! Now I use LastPass to securely keep all my passwords on all of my devices. This is the best organization tool that I use on my phone and PC and it protects those passwords.

Passwords are the key to your credit world and it is imperative to keep them organized and hard to figure out. LastPass generates exotic passwords and auto-completes those with hard to crack log-ins across all of your devices. No one wants to deal with a stolen identity. It is super sucky, frustrating and can cost you time and money with the damage it will do to your credit.

Survey your Subscriptions

You probably have some subscriptions that you don’t even know about! They nick you with some minor fee each month so you don’t notice. OR you have those monthly items that you DON’T use anymore. We use our Netflix (Parks and Recreation is absolutely necessary!) and my Kindle Unlimited so I am keeping those. After perusing our monthly charges — I don’t use Spotify anymore because we have Amazon Music unlimited for $4 with our Prime membership. It takes a little bit to cancel Spotify out via email and their customer service but it was $9.95 a month and I haven’t logged in for over a year. GONE! Feels good — take stock of those monthly fees NOW!

Manage those Meals

Organizing your weekly meals will ultimately lead to a better scheduled grocery shopping experience. I use our Echo/Alexa app for on the fly staple items as we run out, but we try to plan our meals out for the week if we aren’t getting a Blue Apron Box. Here is my “refrigerator magnet” meal-planner. Old School.

Along with our meal planning I am pretty good at meal prepping when my girls are at home. This will organize your cooking schedule and save some moola on the hubs and kids not going out for lunch.

This is usually my Sunday chore but makes for a much more organized week and is an easy microwavable meal when time crunched for a fully prepared dinner.

Time Travel

Traveling is my favorite time spent. Before each trip abroad I always get a Lonely Planet guide. In fact we are planning a trip to Greece in April and I already have my trusty Greece Guide!

They have excellent recommendations by city for hotels, shopping, eating and tours. I used the Lonely Planet travel app all thru Italy and their recommendations were spot on and absolutely fabulous! They always have each section set up by price range, too. A must-have item to organize all those memory making trips!

Auto Organization

Don’t forget your car! If you are like me, I spend a ton of time tooling around town running errands or attending appointments. You should include this in your list of organization. I love this car trash bag organizer.

Take out the Email Trash

I try to do this at least once a month. I go thru my emails and move those unwanted blasts to junk. You know the ones where you bought that one time box of stuff and the vendor constantly bugs you for “review this product” or hits you up everyday with new promotions. Move that to the trash! Keep the ones you use frequently, especially if they send you super deals or coupons, but junk the others. Also go thru those daily, weekly, monthly newsletters and weed them out. (Hopefully, you will keep our Mid-Life Goddess updates 🙂 ) This will elevate those few minutes a day of deleting.

Peaceful Planning

By taking some of these organization ideas and using them daily you will find more time in your day and week to enjoy a peaceful life!

As always, I so appreciate all my Mid-Life Goddess subscribers and hope you find some fun tidbits and ideas for organizing zen. Please do me a fabulous favor and leave a comment below with your organizing tips and ideas and share this post with your fellow Goddesses! 

Remember to enjoy your Midlife ladies – it’s only a Crisis if You are!

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