Black Friday Shopping Strategies
Black Friday Shopping Strategies
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Black Friday Shopping Strategies

Black Friday shopping strategies are a must when wading through all the deals you are bombed with this time of year. (These ideas totally apply to Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday as well.) The mailers pile up in the mailbox each day and your emails are overwhelmed with “deals of the day” you just can’t miss out on. With a little strategy set up before Friday, you can navigate all the chaos in Mid-Life Goddess style.

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

Start off with a great Christmas Planner. My Goddess subscribers already have this in hand are putting their plans together now. Join our tribe (here) and get your free planner program. Getting your holidays and gift giving all planned out will set you in the right direction. This planner has lots of lists to fill out include a give-away “Christmas Wish List” for each of the giftees on your annual list.

Have all your kids (or whomever you gift to) fill out one of these forms prior to Black Friday. This will go a long way to putting your master gift list together and get your strategy on track. Also check out some of my gift guides for your man (here), girlfriends (here) and hostesses (here).

Do your Homework

Keep Calm and Do Your Homework meme

Spend some alone time researching all the marketing directed at you and pick out a few main options to target……maybe one of them is Target! You have accounts set up already or know where you want to camp out Friday morning if that’s your thing. My sister and mother totally map out what deals are the first in line type of deals that you need to be in person to get. Do this before Thanksgiving for sure — so you can enjoy your family without fretting that you are going to miss anything the next morning.

Budget Bust

First thing you really need to do is compute how much you want to spend. If you are like me, I bust that budget every year no matter how much my husband razzes me about it. This year I plan to make a budget and stick to it. Yeah, right. In any event, put some numbers on paper and that will give you some additional measure of organization, which ultimately leads to calm.

Price it Right

Check those item prices out now. See what they normally cost so that you can make sure you are getting a deal. In the chaos that is Black Friday, you can end up jumping on that prized toy — no matter what the cost — when you could have already checked out the best place to get the best deal. Not everything is discounted on Black Friday.

The Price is Right logo

In fact, I am sure some stores expect you to just start filling up your cart without checking the prices thinking that everything is on sale. If you are laser focused on what your items cost and what you are expecting to get discounted ahead of time — you will not over pay.

Discipline is Zen

Yoga Pose for Disciplined Shopping for Black Friday

Keep to your list! Avoid those impulse buys. Watch your mouse clicking as you hover over that last ticking timer “count down deal” that you don’t really need or will not be gifting to anyone. You are trying to save some cash — so don’t offset that by spending on items not on your list. Believe me, you will feel much better when those credit card bills hit you in January.

Camp Out or Type it Out

I am a laptop warrior on Black Friday. Getting up at 5AM doesn’t have any appeal at all to me but my sister just LOVES all the morning deals as she heads out in the “tundra” of Michigan. There are definitely the best deals in that early morning hunt in the actual brick and mortar stores. BUT you will need to be in line and the stores typically hand out “tickets” for those high value items. A little extra snoozing and you could get there just to miss that ticket in line for the one item you want. If you are going to battle the crowds have your game plan all mapped out.

Love your Local

Make sure to map out your Shop Local Saturday too! Social media is the best way to find out what’s going on for sales promotions with your local favorites. My darling girlfriends Rachel and Maureen own maRaZ Boutique in Grand Haven, Michigan and have been Instagram and Facebooking some beautiful clothes and deals. Show your love for your favorite local this weekend, too!

maRaz Boutique
maRaz Boutique – Shop Local Saturday

Online Organization

First thing to do is download all the add-on cash back and coupon connections. The two I have on my browser bar are “Rakuten – (here)” and “Honey – (here)”.

Rakuten will automatically pop up and provide cash back at pretty much every shopping destination online. I received over $80 back on shopping I did with their Veteran’s Day 11% cash back promotion. (We are celebrating Christmas this year on Thanksgiving so I needed to shop early.) Download Rakuten (here) for proper pre-online organized discounting.

Honey searches the site you are on for coupon codes and will automatically apply the coupon as you check out. While shopping on sites like Amazon, Honey will let you know if this is the lowest price available. Another Honey feature is the “Drop List“. You can start putting items in your Amazon cart and Honey will let you know when prices go down. Check it out (here).

Advanced Onliners

If you are super organized and doing all this homework a few weeks ahead of Black Friday — you need to take advantage of “Raise” discount gift cards. Retailers for Black Friday Strategies Discounted Gift Cards has discounted gift cards for purchase. You can get these via email (I suggest this option if using towards on-line shopping) or if you have the time for actual snail mail — you can get physical cards. Make sure to read the details for each card — sometimes you have to use “in-store” and you don’t want to have to go to the store unless you are that early morning goddess. If you are on your phone — download the ap (here).

Social Stalking

If you are a savvy on-line social via Facebook, Twitter or Insta — add your targeted stores to your feeds. I know — that will just muddy your daily social monitoring of your friends and all their shenanigans and pithy comments — but you can unfollow after the shopping season is complete. Anyway, these stores will be announcing Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and you don’t want to miss out. Also download your store phone apps — you’d be amazed it how those coupons and discounts just pop up while you are standing in the store — I know that’s kind of stalkery, too. But a great discount is worth it for the day!

My Shopping Faves

I am just going to list out some unique links that I am personally using this year for my gift-giving. All have unique items that I have actually ordered or used so I can vouch for their products and customer service. Take advantage of these deals!

Also, make sure you are signed up for Rakuten cash back (here) as ALL of these sites participate from 1% – 5% cash back. There may be extra % back on Black Friday as well! Work it ladies!

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

Go to to find a soothing gift for that Yoga enthusiast (here). 3.5% back with Rakuten.

Scout Bags has some fabulous entertaining gifts and ideas for that Hostess with the Mostess (here). 4% back with Rakuten in browser!

francesca’s Boutique

Fransesca’s has some fun gift ideas and beautiful clothing for your boutique girlfriends (here). 3.5% cash back at Rakuten.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table has several fabulous brands for your cooking goddess friends (here). 2% cash back with Rakuten.

Tommy John

Lounge Pants from Tommy John for your Guy

Tommy John is a favorite of my husband’s and I am sure yours will love these manly briefs and lounge-wear as well (here). 15% off your first order and 1% cash back with Rakuten.

Lonely Planet Travel Books

Black Friday Lonely Planet 40% deal from November 28th to December 2nd. If you have on your browser they have coupon codes for an additional 25% off!

Minted has some wonderful customized art with your own pictures. This is where I get my annual Christmas cards as well (here). Use Discount Code JOYFUL19 to get 15% off your Christmas card order and 1.5% cash back with Rakuten.


Classic Lined Croc Clog
The kids just love these Croc Clogs

My daughter (22 yr) wears her Crocs everywhere and has several pairs. They are having a 40% off sale on Black Friday and 5% cash back with Rakuten.

Happy Shopping Darlings!

Good Luck on all your Black Friday Shopping Strategies — whatever works for you! Hope I was able to give you some great ideas and you will be saving some money and shopping chaos grief this year! Please comment with any of your shopping strategies below and please share this post to any of those Shopping Warriors out there. Don’t forget your FREE Christmas Planner (here) for new subscribers.

And — Remember the Reason for the Season — Merry Christmas and God Bless you All!!

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