These are the rules of all Good Midlife Goddesses. Sort of a golden set of rules for all midlife women.
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Goddess Rules

The 15 Mid-Life Goddess Rules to Live By

1. Be Nice.

    • Karma is only a bitch if you are.


2. “It is What it is.”

    • Don’t freak out over the small stuff.  It will eventually work itself out and you will be better for the lesson learned.
    • This goes with the “Things Happen for a Reason” mantra — so handle it with your Goddess attitude and move on.


3. The Proper Care and Feeding of your Husband.

    • Marry someone who is kind to others.
    • A happy husband (or significant other) will endeavor to maintain a happy wife.
      • Goddess says – “Hello, Husband – I am going to Washington DC this weekend to visit my girlfriend Leanne.  The fridge is full and I have the dogs all taken care of.”
      • Husband says – “Alright wife, have a good time.”
    • The aspiration to be a “Trophy Wife” is not a bad thing.
    • Feeding my husband is a delight with my Blue Apron Box!  He has loved all of the recipes and they are healthy to boot!  Sign up (here) for $30 off your first box- YUM!


4. Teach your Daughters to be Good Goddesses.

    • Lead by example and they too will follow the Goddess Rules to live by.
    • Help them blossom and they will grow to make you proud of who they have become.
      • I truly am a very proud mama.


5. Be a Good Friend.

    • Always try to answer your tribe’s phone calls or texts as soon as possible – they may be in a crisis and only you can help.
    • Find time to spend with them.


6. Take Care of You.

    • Always wear sunscreen — DUH!
    • Eat things that are good for you and good to eat.
    • Make sure you have an Awesome Colorist — beautiful highlights and color are golden.
      • Exception: If you can totally Rock that Silver Fox look — have at it!
    • Invest in a good Bra and good Shoes — Support is your friend so be nice to her!
    • Get your Ass off the damned couch!
      • Walk your dogs, clean vigorously, garden actively, whatever gets you moving.


7. Be Truthful.

    • Tell it like it is and your fellow Goddesses will appreciate you – maybe not right away – but in the end a good friend will value your straightforwardness.
    • You are allowed to say “No”.  You can’t do everything or every event – bow out graciously and make the next one with more gusto!


8. Buy a GOOD BED!

    • You spend 30% of your life on it so don’t cheap out on a shitty mattress.


9. Hostess with the “Mostess”

    • A Goddess lives to Entertain and be Entertained!
    • Always greet your guests with a beverage.
    • Overnight guests accommodations upon entering their suite as follows:
      • A GOOD BED!  (see above)
      • Morning “Swag Bag” in case of hangover or forgotten toothpaste.
    • Hostess Gifts –You should never attend a dinner party or lady’s weekend without an appropriate gift for your hostess!  Some great ideas from Oprah (here).
    • Buy good RED wine — totally worth it.
      • Don’t waste good money on WHITE wines because they all taste the same — if fact skip it and go with a crisp Rose’.
      • Rose’ All Day is the new Chardonnay – YUM!


10. Pay your Bills and Pay them on Time.

    • A poor credit score will be the downfall of a good Goddess.  Check out Credit Karma (here) to keep tabs on your scores!
    • Spend less than you make and save the rest — retirement is more fun with money.
    • Invest in a good shredder and use it.
    • Change your passwords regularly or use a service for super crazy passwords — I use LastPass (here) and love it!


11. Handwritten Notes and Cards

    • This should be an automatic gesture when you receive a kindness or gift!  My favorite site for cards is TayHam — they are super spicy and fun — (here)
    • Birthday cards hang around much longer than the obligatory Facebook shout out.
    • It brightens the day of the receiver and will only take a few minutes out of your busy day to get that smile.


12. Be Good to Others!

    • Give your time and/or money to someone or a cause in need.  You feel good, they feel blessed, it will make the world a little bit kinder.
    • Tip well and feel good about it!  It is someone’s livelihood and you are helping them reach their goals.
    • “Pay it forward” and “Random acts of kindness” makes a Good Goddess better.


13. Take lots of Pictures!

    • Pictures catalog the timeline of your life adventures!
    • Offer to take pictures for a group of nearby strangers when you are out and about.
      • They always have the one photographer that won’t be in any of the group photos — so help a fellow Goddess out!
    • Facebook — Moderation is the key with picture posts.
      • You only need to pick out one, two or three good pictures to show everyone the great time you are posting for that day.
      • Too many pics are just obnoxious and bad Goddess etiquette.
      • Exception to this rule — Glorious Travel Adventures — show us all the awesome reasons to go where you go.



    • Traveling soothes the Midlife Goddess SOUL!  VRBO is a fabulous site to book intimate travel abroad (here).
    • Family adventures are the best “Memory Makers” and last a lifetime.
    • Get on an annual “Lady’s Weekend” schedule — and again they are MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!


15. Meditate Daily.

    • Be it spiritual, yoga, or morning coffee on the deck.
    • Reflect on your family, yesterday’s adventures or planning for your day.
    • A healthy “Inner Goddess” will keep you calm and grateful for all that you have been blessed with each day.



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