Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend at Your House
Hosting Lady's Weekend
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Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Lady’s Weekend at Your House

A MidLife Goddess lives to entertain and be entertained — see our Goddess Rule # 9 (here).  So let’s get down to entertaining our fellow goddesses with this guide to hosting a fabulous lady’s weekend at your house.  Exotic locations are always sought out for these girlfriend escapades, but you can have a goddess-worthy weekend in your own home town.

I recently moved away from my girlfriend tribe in Michigan to Knoxville, Tennessee when my husband took a new job.  It has been an exciting adventure but I so miss my BFFs and wanted to put together a goddess-worthy visit for the ladies and show off my new town with style.  Here are a few MidLife Goddess hostess tips to entertaining your tribe.

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

1. Day 1 – Airport on Time

You can be socially acceptably late to a party, but NEVER leave your girls hanging at the airport.  They have spent the time and money for the airfare and the weekend, so make sure to show up on time with some refreshments for the travel fatigued darlings.  I usually surprise them with a small cooler full of HyVIDA water and some fruit in the car.

2. Arriving at Your House

Make sure your home is guest ready so they feel like they are truly on vacation.  My goal is always to have each guest bedroom equipped with spa worthy accommodations.  Basics include the following:

  • A GOOD BED — one of my mantras for life — “you spend 30% of your life on it so never cheap out on a shitty mattress”.
  • Morning “freshness” basket — typically including toothpaste, shampoos, hangover recovery essentials and a plush sleep mask (no puffy eyes for a fun pictures this weekend!).
  • Internet password for home wi-fi. Can’t have the ladies wasting precious roaming minutes when they can hook up for free.  I put together this cute frame next to each bed.
    Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
    Frame with our home wi-fi password in each guest bedroom.
  • Clean your guest rooms — of course, this goes without saying it, but add a little extra scrubbing and it will go a long way.  In the guest bathroom, I always provide some Poo Pourri at the ready and some extra plush towels.  This is also great time to do what I call a “towel rotation”.  Once a year I buy a new set of towels and wash cloths for our guest bath — move those to our master bathroom and the last set to the basement bath.  The oldest towels get shucked in the next garbage round up.  A guest weekend is the perfect timing to do this towel rotation — making sure your girlfriends start out with the fresh new set!

An excellent host goddess puts lots of time and effort into the “proper care and feeding of her guest goddesses” — You want them to feel rested, at home and pampered!

3. Beverage and Snack Spread

I always greet guests in my home with a beverage, snacks and a hug.  After we haven’t seen each other in months, they are ready for chat-time to catch up and what better way than with some cheese and crackers.  This is the spread I like put together for a gathering of visiting goddesses.

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Cheese tray set out for guests coming in from the airport.

This the perfect time to relax and get some nourishment before we head out on the town.

4. First Night Out

Moderation is the key to having a full weekend adventure so we don’t want to lose any ladies to the “wine flu” and miss our big night out for Saturday (believe me I have been there!)  They have had to deal with the airport and travel all morning so I like to hit a few low-key places to show off my city while still having some great girlfriend coziness.  A interesting place to start is this hidden speakeasy in downtown Knoxville – Peter Kern’s Library.  You can find similar gems in your town to introduce the weekend without any craziness — we’ll leave that for Saturday night.  Make reservations for a lazy, long dinner at The Oliver Royale.   This is the night to go extravagant on the dinner — upscale atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and you have a group winner every time.

Head home early and relax on the deck for chit-chat and gossip!  Best time for in depth discussion on all the family/friend drama with a glass of Rose’. My fave is Ava Grace Rose’ and I have it chilled and ready for a relaxing wind down to our first evening.

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Wine and snack for evening wrap up out on the back deck.

5. Day 2 – Brunch Bar Bonanza

Saturday morning’s first item on the agenda — Bloody Mary Brunch Bar, of course!

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Bloody Mary Brunch Bar

This is a blast to put together and sets the pace for a fun day out on the town.  Here is my go to recipe for providing a lovely display for my morning goddesses (here) including this fabulous Demitri’s rim salt.  I am not really a Bloody Mary girl myself (upsets my tummy) so I refrain from the morning alcohol so I am able to drive the ladies around all day.  Always provide a good solid breakfast with the staples — eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast.  Since I am all about the proper care and feeding of my husband (MidLife Goddess Rule # 3) I make sure that he is well fed while he chats with my ladies.  He is usually “scarce” for the weekend but is always available if we need a chauffeur.

6. Shopping Adventures for the Day

The Knoxville Farmer’s Market is always a great place to start out for a walkabout and a little tour of Market Square.

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
The Farmer’s Market in Knoxville’s Market Square is awesome — every Saturday!

I find the farmer’s market is a great showcase of home-made trinkets from Knoxville locals and the people-watching is off the charts.  This will get your ladies some steps in to clear out any of the prior evening’s deck wine cobwebs as well.  Heck, show up in your yoga pants and tank top — believe me you will be more comfortable and fit right in with the local ladies brunching in the square.

Find some fabulous places to explore in your area and show off the local options.  The next stop for our lady’s shopping day out is my go-to consignment shop – Repeat Boutique!  We spent over an hour filling up their shopping bags with designer swag.  I had to ship a big box of their fierce finds to Chicago as they couldn’t fit everything in their carry-on luggage.  We also did a “quick” stop on the way to lunch at the Southern Market. This is a marketplace full of intimate boutiques showcasing lots of Knoxville’s local distinctive gifts, original art and homemade Etsy-type delights.  I literally had to drag my ladies out the door to get moving on to lunch and keep our schedule on track!

7. Late Hearty Lunch

In anticipation for our lady’s night out on the town — you need to bulk them up on some carbs.  Find some place unique but not super expensive — I opted for West Hills Flats and Taps.  Look at this flatbread spread!

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
West Hills Flats and Taps yummy lunch.

Again, the goal is to show off your town’s hidden gems and give the visiting ladies some great food and conversation.

8. Get Cute for the Night Out

After our hearty lunch we headed back to my place to get all dolled up for the night downtown.  This is the night to dress up and plan to hit some hot spots.

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Girlfriends all dressed up for the night out.

Obviously, we are past the age to go “Clubbing” but look for some rooftop bars (Hyatt Place Rooftop), unique pubs (Jig and Reel) or some local art studios (Gay Street has plenty) that are open for the evening.  If you are lucky to have some concentrated neighborhoods of restaurants — Old Town is my fave in Knoxville — just get dropped off and walk from spot to spot!  Remember to eat at some point!  Usually a few appetizers at a few stops should do.  Don’t want to get stuck in a big sit down two hour dinner — we did that the first night!

9. Posting Moderation

Have a “Facebook and Instagram PLAN” in place before you go out and everyone stick to it.

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Keep to the Plan!

Go ahead and take tons of pictures at all the places that you frequent with these girls you don’t get to see often.  Hey, I love to post too!  BUT – A good idea, especially when drinking, is to wait to post any pictures to Facebook until the next morning.  Keep it classy.  That way you can make one post with 3 or 4 great pics that every lady approves of prior to posting.  You can still tag the spots you visited, we just avoid unflattering pictures that will embarrassed your fellow goddesses or “gasp” yourself!  It is quite the hoot to share pictures and reminisce about the shenanigans over coffee in the morning!

10. UBER!

Universal Goddess Rule (or anyone for that fact) — Absolutely NO drinking and driving!  It costs $20 for an UBER — just cover the cost for you and your tribe or split it.  A good goddess is too old to be that stupid anymore.  Download the app (here).

11.  Day 3 – Sunday Funday!

If your girls can swing an extra day — take advantage of it!  Begin with a decked out coffee clutch and croissants. Hit up a nice brunch at Scrambled Jakes,

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Mimosa and biscuits at Scrambled Jakes in Knoxville.

lounge by a pool, slow it down a bit and just enjoy each other’s company.  There is a cool “food truck” gathering spot in Knoxville called Central Filling Station that I love to bring out-of-towners when visiting.  You only get to play with these important women in your life a few times a year so make the most of it!  Sunday Funday should end early and well hydrated — got to catch that plane in the morning!


A Mid-Life Goddess mantra is that Lady’s weekends are REQUIRED ATTENDANCE!

Hosting a Fabulous Lady's Weekend
Girlfriend Funny!

The date and the places can be flexible for this initial discussion, but put someone in charge of next year’s adventure so it doesn’t ever fall thru the cracks.  We are all busy — but your tribe keeps you sane in this crazy world — keep in touch with them.

13.  Last Day – Saying Goodbye

UGH!  I am all “verklempt” just thinking about it!  This is the worst part of the whole weekend!

Hosting a Lady's Weekend

If you have time before their flight leaves, pump them full of coffee and put out some fruit and yogurt.  Everyone is back on their diet so keep it light.  Get them to the airport on time and hug it out!  I am happy to report that my lovely ladies from Chicago had a wonderful time in Knoxville and are even looking to move here when retirement hits!


Hopefully you enjoyed all the fun tips and experienced advice of a lady’s weekend planner, survivor and warrior!  Please do me a favor and leave a comment and share this post with your fellow goddesses!  Also, hit up my contact page (here) to subscribe to my newsletter and blog posts.  I promise not to bombard your inbox on the daily.  Also, I am always open for suggestions and guest bloggers who want to share some MidLife Goddess wisdom or adventures.  Enjoy your MidLife ladies – it’s only a crisis if you are!


Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!



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