Money Savvy for the Mid-Life Goddess

Money Savvy


We are always looking for ways to save some money.  That way I can travel and entertain in Goddess style with abandon!

Retirement beach chairs

Retirement Questions to Ponder with your Spouse

I’m a beach babe and he’s a mountain man — where are we going to winter?  Some questions to ponder about retirement goals for the next 5 or 10 or 20 years with the Mid-Life Goddess spin!

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Blue Apron is the Bomb!

I have been a Blue Apron aficionado for over 4 years!  Really ever since my youngest headed off to college and my husband and I officially went “Empty Nest”.  We really only do about 2 boxes a month and YES it saves us money — but also saves a ton of wasted food I no longer throw out each week.

Money savings = I just don’t wander around the grocery store buying junk food that is costly and not good for you.  This has cut down on my grocery bill AND we don’t eat out as much.  One night out at a restaurant skipped covers the cost of the weekly box of 3 meals!

No more wasted food = these boxes come with exactly enough to prepare the meal for two or four people.  Meaning — if you only need 2 carrots — you are not buying a big bag at the grocery store and throwing them out at the end of the month because you didn’t use them.

Get $30 off your first Box!

Blue Apron is good for you and your wallet!  Enjoy!!

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Ibotta Cash Back Ap

Ibotta is a cool way to get cash back on the items that you already buy.  Download the app to your phone (here).  I usually check the app before I go to Kroger just to see if any of my shopping list items are up for cash back goodies.  After you get thru the checkout just click the offer redeem button in the app (or take a picture of your receipt) and it will check your Kroger card for items and then deposit the cash in your account!  Meijer is set up as well with your perks card.  Actual cash funds transfer via Paypal when you reach a certain amount.  My $11 bottle of Ava Grace was on sale for $8 and I got a $1 back for each bottle!

Only $7 a bottle for this Rose’ deliciousness!!! Click Here fot Ibotta



Such a good financial guide for the Fun and Fabulous over 50 crowd.

You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement: How to Maintain Your Lifestyle without Getting a Job or Cutting Corners

I read it all in one day — made lists and follow several of Mr. Lichtenfeld’s recommendations.  I have saved much more than the $15 spent on the book.


Ebates Cash Back

Earn money back on all the things you buy online.  You set up an account with Ebates and when you are searching a shopping site that participates — the Ebates pop up will show you your discount.

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ThriftBooks is a great on-line used bookstore to get some great Romance fun and super great prices. I often order older hardcover books of my favorite authors that just are not available in current bookstores.

If you spend $10 or more you get free shipping!

Shop now for thousands of quality used romance books starting at under $4

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