Notable Sites

Here are several “Notable” sites that will benefit our Mid-Life Goddesses!  These are products, authors and content that glorify our Mid-Life adventures, style and advice.  Enjoy!!

Sur La Table is a fabulous site for finding the most lovely entertaining items.  I get coupons and discounts all the time and use them for my kitchen and any Hostess Gifts I need to keep on hand.

Check this site out (here) and have some fun stocking all the cooking deals for your favorite chef and wonderful table settings that are super Goddess worthy for sure!

Gwyneth Paltrow founded GOOP.com


This is a great site for our Mid-Life Goddesses!  There are products for your face, body and even some interesting “sexy” items (here).

The articles are very well thought out and visually stunning!  There are even fun tidbits on our men.  I spent an afternoon just perusing the site and I think you all will love it too!


TayHam.com is a wonderful site for finding unique greeting cards.  It is super hip and has some of the best “laugh out loud” cards that ladies of our age will totally relate.

I send these out for everything!  This year it was my go-to site for Graduation Cards.  And all of the kids mentioned the fun card in their thank you notes back to us.

Check them out (here) — So Fun!!



A Cup of Jo

This blog has daily inspiration for the Mid-Life Goddess in regards to style, parenting, entertaining and relationships.  Joanna Goddard is a mother who lives in New York so several the posts relate to that area but she has several guest authors who offer refreshing views.  Check her out!

I found this site from BlogLovin.com which has several blogs to subscribe for daily inspiration based on the filters you set up.

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