Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness
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Random Acts of Kindness

Be Kind

Random acts of kindness is a thoughtful mindset that should not be so rare for a good Mid-Life Goddess. Being kind is the #1 Rule in our Goddess Rules (here). I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks the other day getting my venti no fat latte — I know that is pretty cliche’ but so yummy! In any event, when I was up to pay at the window, the barista said that the gentleman in front of me paid for my latte. Got me a little choked up — so I paid for the couple behind me. I drove away feeling blessed and it got me thinking about what other “random acts of kindness” I could deliver to give others this same blessed feeling.

Daily random acts of kindness

Daily Doses

We are in situations daily where a small kindness can mean so much to someone in need. Just think about your daily routine — coffee in the morning, post office to ship off a box of books, grocery store run, restaurant for lunch, office break room drop in, gas station for fill up. Each offers opportunities to leave a little kindness behind you after you finish your business. Here are some suggestions for those random acts of kindness to soothe your soul and brighten someone else’s day.

1. Surprise Coffee

coffee and beignets from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans

This is super easy and fun. Just like my Starbucks surprise — start the drive-thru chain of kindness. The barista told me this happens all the time and it pumps the staff up as well. Why not buy some $10 Starbucks gift cards and leave one with the drive-thru barista to give to the car behind You? That way they can use it now or later — or give it to the car behind them! Drop a card off to a co-worker having a bad day or send a quick handwritten note to a friend letting her know you are thinking of her. (Get your Raise.com cards at a discount so you can buy more for less!)

2. Tip it Up

tipping up your waitstaff

I was a waitress all thru college and recognize when a fellow Goddess Waitress is getting a hassle from a disgruntled diner. Realizing that the food comes from the kitchen that way or the customer is just having a bad day — that is still no reason to take it out on the wait staff. Leave that darling an extra special tip with a personal note or smiley face. Hopefully, it will erase the bad vibes with the random kindness. I know a really good tip always put an extra pep in my step for the rest of the shift.

3. Animals need Kindness too

puppy meme

Look up your local animal shelter and see what they have on their wish list of needs. The donation list at my local Knoxville Humane Society as follows: pet food (unopened), disinfectant wipes, cage scratchers for cats, powdered laundry detergent, Zip-lock bags, newspaper, etc. Throw a couple of those items on your grocery list sometime and do a drop off. Spend some time to love on the puppies or kitties while your there and leave lighthearted.

4. Spare your Change

coins for random acts of kindness

Grab some quarters and spread them around. Leave some change near a vending machine or on a washing machine at a laundromat. Throw a bunch of quarters in the penny jar at cashier station. Someone may be scrounging thru their purse for that extra 40 cents — you just made her day!

5. Elderly Anything

You have that neighbor who needs some yard work done or just some conversation. My lovely neighbor is outside all the time working her flowers in the front yard. She is pretty fit for 70-something so she would rather chat with me than have me drag a rake over. Here are some “Conversation Starters” for that senior.

Conversation with your Senior

In my Michigan days, that snow could be a real problem for the older crowd. I just loved hearing about the guy with the snowblower clearing the neighbor’s driveway without even telling them. Probably only took him an extra 20 minutes, but saved the homeowner the fretting all day.

6. Delivery Delight

spaghetti meal prep

You all know someone going thru a rough patch. Financially struggling or emotionally grappling with a divorce or sick child. Spend a few hours doing some meal prep, freeze it up, then show up with a box and a smile. This will give her a few extra hours that week to deal.

pizza delivery to a friend in need

If you aren’t much of a cook — send a pizza or drop off a restaurant gift card. (Make sure to call ahead so she isn’t cooking already and see what they like on the pie!)

7. Sit Some

Offer to babysit or pet-sit for that Goddess that needs a little break. My darling friends were heading up north to visit family and were going to be putting their fur babies in a kennel. We have the time to cover and offered to take care of the pup and kitty.

pet sitting for a friend

I brought little Sadie home to hang with my Josie and all was good. Same for the kids — their little Jordan came over for a few hours while mom and dad went to big bro’s school event. The little Goddess and I played in the garden and brother got some one on one time with the rents.

8. Love your Local

Facebook Like Button for local random acts of kindness

Social media is all over the place — good and bad. Leave a glowing review for your favorite local bistro on their Facebook page or Yelp. Too often they hear the loudest from the most unhappy and it can hurt business before they can resolve the grievance. Give them a loud shout out for great food or perfect service. You frequent them for a reason!

9. “Just Because” Gift

just because I love you picture

See some fun handmade earrings that fit the personality of one of your BFFs — pick them up and send a random “just because I love you” note. How fun would that be to open up the mailbox and see a letter with a little “bump” in it? Make her mailbox trip a happy one.

10. Timeshare

volunteer for random acts of kindness

Sharing your time doesn’t cost a thing. But it means so much to many in need. Volunteer at the local food bank, sign up to help out at a 5K run for a good cause (I am walking in the Race for the Cure this weekend), show up at that animal shelter and ask what you can do for them. Volunteer for that big church event down the road. Pick up litter on the beach. The time opportunities for those random acts of kindness are unlimited.

12. Line it Up

Let someone go in front of you in line. You see that mom with the fussy toddler, let her go in front of you — we were her once. Your grocery cart is full and the guy behind you only has a six-pack. Waive him forward. You are at Panera with a list for the 5 you are feeding — the lady behind you is eating alone — give her your spot. The smile alone is worth it!

13. Compliments are Free

Compliments Quote for Random Acts of Kindness

There are all variations of kindnesses you can bestow unto others who need it. Believe me when I say that it will do more for you and your heart with each kindness. So let’s do it all the time, like I said earlier, it will soothe your Goddess soul.

Remember my Goddesses — Midlife is only a Crisis if You Are! So keep these Random Acts of Kindness in the forefront of your thoughts each day and keep the Crisis away!

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