What a Midlife Girl Wants from Oprah's Favorite Things List
Oprah's Favorite Things List
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What a Midlife Girl Wants from Oprah’s Favorite Things

What a Midlife Girl Wants from Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019? Of course, everything on the list!! But let’s be practical and pick out some fun items on the favorites list that work for the midlife women you love! By the way, to my daughters — this is my Christmas list this year!

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Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

1. Traveling with Jewelry

How cute is this? I travel quite a bit and this would be a perfect addition to my carry-on luggage. The jewelry organizer alone is what I am aiming to get. No more kinks in my necklaces or my bracelets floating around.

2. Tiki Serving in Style

A mail and magazine holder, an iced-tea delivery system, a miniature coffee table—these leather-handled, woven willow trays with a glass insert can meet any of your home’s flat-bottomed needs.


Entertaining goddesses would love these sweet trays for delivering those brunch mimosas when girlfriends are over for the weekend. See my “Guide to Hosting a Fabulous Lady’s Weekend” (here). There is a fitted tempered glass insert so you could even put together a yummy charcuterie board.

3. Lounging around in Softness

The designers named this fabric Marshmallow, and I can see why. Wear the ridiculously plush lounger over leggings for running around town or hanging out at home. A black-tie dinner, though, may be a bridge too far.


Relax with your morning meditation coffee in this cozy lounger. Get some fluffy socks and you will never want to take these off and head out of the house.

4. Morning Smoothie Maker

Ninja Foodi Blender on Oprah's Favorite Things List
Ninja Foodi Blender – $130

We are a morning smoothie family – kale with frozen mango chunks are a staple – recipe (here). My husband has been complaining about our current blender — well this would be a solution now wouldn’t it?

5. Painting by Numbers

Pink Picasso - Adult paint by numbers kit
Pink Picasso – Adult Paint by Numbers Kit – $42

My BFF Kristy and I did some of these prior to our trip to Italy last year. So soothing and at the same time requiring some mental focus to perfect. I will also say that you need a good spot to leave all the painting accouterments out for a while.

6. Travel like a Sex in the City Diva

This backpack with built-in clutch can be worn in five ways, including as a crossbody and a tote. Sarah Jessica Parker herself showed me how much she can fit inside, and even Mary Poppins would be impressed.


Sex in the City was one of my favorite shows! This bag on Oprah’s Favorite Things is probably a little pricey — but you get what you pay for sure. I would love to attach this to my carry-on and float through the airport in style!

7. Gorgeous Grocery Toting

Eco-Friendly shopping when you hit up Aldi’s for your weekly grocery trip. These would also be a hip way to stroll around your farmer’s market while picking up some fresh veggies — Yum!

8. Spice it Up!

Give the gift of a kitchen rejuvenation! Any cook worth her salt will love this impressive 18-piece collection of spices that are roasted, ground, and packed to order in delightfully decorative tins.


I am a Blue Apron girl because of the spices they include in all their easy to cook recipes. But when we skip a week — I am at a loss for spicing up my personal recipes. My spice rack is currently a mess of little containers and I never seem to have the one I need. This would be a useful set to display and use in my amateur kitchen.

9. Move your Tunes

Spending time in our backyard garden with some tunes would be sweet! These portable speakers could also make a trip to the pool more fun as well. Another easy travel item to sneak into my carry-on for music on the go.

10. The Big Gift

You don’t need to understand the technology behind these easy-to-clean pans to be down with their supreme nonstickness, which allows you to braise and brown using minimal butter or oil. Healthier home cooking? So hot.


This would probably blow my whole Christmas list on one gift — but how cool would this be in my kitchen! I have watched these Hexclad pan YouTube videos for a while — practically indestructible! If you want your midlife lady to move from amateur to gourmet — this is the ticket! I promise to cook you anything your heart desires!

Our darling Oprah has great taste and when her Favorite Things List comes out each year — you have to jump on the items before they sell out. Hopefully, my lovely family picks up a few hints for their Mid-Life Goddess Girl for Christmas.

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