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Books I’m Reading

I AM A READER!  Just love a crazy romance and follow some awesome authors — all Goddesses, of course!

This will be my disclaimer — I am reading all the time and really get into some smutty fun stories.  So many of the recommendations that I provide will be for the over 18 ladies!

The Legend Trilogy by Meghan March

The Fall of Legend (Legend Trilogy, #1)The Fall of Legend by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. March does it again….and again…and again and I am completely in love with Gabriel Legend!

The Fall of Legend is the first book in her new Legend Trilogy. This book basically lays out the groundwork (back stories, peripheral characters, etc.) revolving around our dynamic couple Gabriel Legend and Scarlett Priest. This is the CHASE! Legend is an ex-MMA Fighter now club owner and Scarlett is a wealthy debutante stuck in a shitty relationship. You are riveted to the couple getting to know each other and just know that their connection will be combustion after she dumps her deadbeat.

I love Scarlett’s company concept Curated (curating unique pieces of furniture and baubles that can be purchased for the home or for social media presentation) – what a great idea! Her current beau is a jerk working for her dad’s company and basically using her to get a piece of the company. Daddy loves him more than her – creating a major daddy issue for our heroine. Gabe retains her “services” as a social media influencer to help save his club in an “unconventional” manner – but she takes on the challenge wholeheartedly.

As you read thru the story, there are additional characters being mentioned that you just know are going to show up and blow the relationship apart in the next two books. However, Ms. March kicks us into that explosion without anyone’s help. UGH! As is our author’s way – we end up with a cliffhanger – just more frustrating after such a good “bond” forms between these two strong personalities.

On to book two – “The House of Scarlett” – I just know this one will kick my butt even more, but I am a glutton for Meghan March’s books!

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The Fall of Legend


Meghan March

House of Scarlett


Meghan March

House of Scarlett by Meghan March House of Scarlett (Legend Trilogy Book 2)House of Scarlett by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book two in the Legend Trilogy is the LOVE story. After the Fall of Legend’s sadistic cliffhanger is resolved, Legend finds his way back to Scarlett. She has a medical emergency which kicks Legend into realizing what he screwed up. Throughout this story they find each other again and fall in love. Lots of sweet dialog while Legend nurses Scarlett thru her recovery.

We learn so much more about Legend and his past demons and realize that Scarlett’s dad is truly a jerk. Gabe and Scarlett are amazing together and Ms. March pulls in some of her past hot Men into Legend’s circle – although very briefly. I hope we see more of these guys in the final installment “The Fight for Forever.” In typical Meghan March manner, we have a cliffhanger – but it is not the one you expected! UGH! Setting up for the DRAMATIC conclusion in the next book. My only saving’s grace is that the final story HAS got to end in a fabulous HEA. Can’t wait!

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The Fight for Forever (Legend Trilogy Book 3)The Fight for Forever by Meghan March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The DRAMA! The final installment in Ms. March’s Legend Trilogy does not disappoint!

This story revolves around Gabriel’s upcoming return to the fighting ring. He needs to win this to keep his club but a major pain from his past shows up to kick up some major complications. I just love how Legend and Scarlett work together and never waiver in their love for each other. This is especially refreshing in that they are in it to win it together.

The big event involves so much more than just the actual fight. Enter Moses (villain) demanding payback in a major way from Gabriel that would compromise everything he has ever wanted. Without getting into spoilers, Ms. March brings this story to a suspenseful, gloriously, satisfying conclusion. (Including some help from her from her Dirty Billionaire, Creighton – Swoon!)

OK – the added tidbit – Meghan sets up her next story! OMG I THINK? You will absolutely adore the passion and love story between Gabriel and Scarlett. I can highly recommend all three books – totally “bingeworthy”!

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The Fight for Forever


Meghan March

Fight for Forever by Meghan March

Twice in a Blue Moon


Christina Lauren

Absolutely Stunning!  I LOVED this book and I really thought that I was going to HATE it!  The low-star reviews that I read are just not fair for this beautiful book from our darlings Christina & Lauren.  All these reviewers wanted to re-read the CLo books of the Beautiful Bastard troupe and this is not one of those books.  Don’t get me wrong – BB is one of my all-time favorites – but this is a lovely, heart-wrenching, second chance love story.

The Past: Tate is a sheltered 18 year-old everygirl – sheltered from the public as her father is a iconic movie star who wronged her mother years ago.  Sam is visiting London with his dying Grandfather.  Whirl wind romance thru London staring at the stars ends in a crazy cosmic betrayal.

The Now:  Sam’s betrayal forced Tate into a fabulous acting career – rough, huh?  The second chance meeting is not a pleasant surprise as they are forced together on Tate’s Oscar-potential breakout film role –  14 years later!  Sam quote: “Can you believe me, though?” he asks quietly. “That the worst thing I ever did was for the best reason I ever had?” SWOON!   Lots of angsty drama (not what we are used to from our co-authorettes) but it WORKS!

Supporting characters – CLO really puts a lot into the ancillary characters which always has you rooting for follow up sequels.  Charlie (Tate’s outgoing bestie) and Marco or maybe some Nick and Trey – all sorts of fun scenarios running thru my mind.

I smiled and cried throughout and I was delighted by the ending – wishing for at least 4 more chapters!  This is a wonderfully written, soulful story.  I became emotionally invested in both flawed characters just anticipating their ultimate real reunion which was beautiful.  Good Job Ladies!

Christina Lauren’s Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating and The Unhoneymooners made my Fave list for 2019 (here).

I was entranced by the first chapter — and that wasn’t even about the main characters!  JR Ward weaves a snowy Christmas near fatal accident and didn’t even name names!  But you just knew who the “Angel” was that saved this mortal from being wiped out by a semi!  Yay Lassiter!

OK — this book is for the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5) faithful, for sure.  It is Trez’s second chance (reincarnated) love story.  I know everyone is droning on about the “reincarnation” — blah, blah, blah.  Don’t care — I adored this story!

Therese was introduced to us a book or two ago as a new waitress at iAm’s restaurant.  She looks like Selena (Trez’s love lost to a tragic disease in The Shadows — BDB book #13) but she isn’t actually Selena/or could be?  In any event, she has dreams of Trez — maybe Selena’s thoughts….– and he keeps popping into the restaurant to see her.  She has run away from her hometown in Michigan (Ms Ward even gives a shout out to my Spartan’s Tom Izzo) when she finds out she’s adopted.

Trez is absolutely heart sick, ready to end it all, devastated from his Selena lost.  He seems relegated to misery — then he meets this “familiar” female and is swept away with a whirlwind (this is a novella peeps) romance.  Is his grief throwing him a delusion or is she the real thing?  It’s is a paranormal romance so you never know — JR Ward wraps this up with her signature wit and throws in a few of the other Brothers (and Bitty) with some spoiler tidbits for future reference/past wrap up.

This Cadwell Chrismas card is a super quick read and a little “sweeter” than Ward’s usual drama/angst to give Trez and Therese their HEA.  The teaser for Ward’s upcoming Sinner BDB #18) book is more Butch/Vishous than Jo/Syn but with a few new twists.

JR Ward’s Savior & Blood Truth made my faves of 2019 (here).

Where Winter Finds You


JR Ward

Winter Tales by Tiffany Reisz

December Wine! Nora meets Nico! Every time we have some Nora and Nico you always want more! This is a fun novella for our Original Sinners fans that highlights when Nora confronts Nico to tell him about his father Kingsley — oh yes! And we get some Zach and Nora action as well. Ms. Reisz weaves this quickie wonderfully and somehow you just know that Nico is pinning for Nora at the end. There are also inside fatherly tidbits from Zach and his “connection” to Søren which is quite sweet.

This special holiday-themed collection also includes the novellas Poinsetta, The Christmas Truce, and The Scent of Winter (all previously available only as ebooks). A bonus short story starring Søren rounds out the Winter Tales anthology. And that little bonus tidbit lays out a teaser for Tiffany’s next book The Priest due out in April, 2020! Can’t wait!

Included in my Faves for 2019 (here).

Best Romance Books for 2019 from some of my

Favorite Goddess Authors

Best of 2019


Here are the best romance books from some fabulous authors that I absolutely adore this year. As you all know, I am a reader and romance reads are un-apologetically my favorite. Perusing my Goodreads account, it shows that I racked up 88 books in 2019! Beat my 75 book challenge for the year. There are probably a few more as I sometimes forget to update the account with the paperback books that I buy. In any event, in no particular order, here are my faves for Best Romance Books from some Fabulous Authors of 2019.

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Meghan March’s Dirty Mafia Duet

Binge-worthy Delight

Meghan March Books

Meghan March is one of my absolute favorite authors — like I don’t even have to read any of her reviews — I just order the books when they come out.  Binge reading any of her series just makes my weekend!  This “Dirty Mafia Duet” includes : Black Sheep and White Knight.

Unlikely hero is Cannon Freeman — the “clean” son of a mafia boss.  Drew Carson (AKA Memphis/AKA-You have to read it to believe it) is an investigative journalist looking to take down the mob to avenge her father’s death.  I know typical mafia story with lots of shooting, etc.  But the love story is what hooks you!

Memphis is undercover as a waitress in Cannon’s club — hoping to take him and his family down.  Only one problem — she gets caught up in love with her target — Cannon.  Meghan writes the most fascinating, strong, female leads in her stories and they completely swoon those gorgeous intense men!  No exception here.

The story is thrilling and absolutely no way can you put the book down!  I binged both books over the weekend.   And if you have read her other series — all types of past couples show up, too!  I had several “aha” moments that tied lots of the other hero/heroines to our Cannon/Memphis duet.

Put these on your “must read” list and you will be a Meghan March fan forever!

Buy the books (here) — I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Roni Loren Book Deal

The Ones Who Got Away — Series Starter for $2.99!

This set has some heavy material revolving around the group of Adults who survived a school shooting when in High School.  Each book follows one of the survivors on their road to find peace and romance while working thru their “survivor guilt”.  Great writing by Loren who is one of my faves!  The first book is FREE – The Ones Who Got Away.

“It’s been twelve years since tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a few students survived that fateful night—a group the media dubbed The Ones Who Got Away.

Liv Arias thought she’d never return to Long Acre—until a documentary brings her and the other survivors back home. Suddenly her old flame, Finn Dorsey, is closer than ever, and their attraction is still white-hot. When a searing kiss reignites their passion, Liv realizes this rough-around-the-edges cop might be exactly what she needs…”

Download all three books now for a great “binge-read” for the weekend.


The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Absolutely loved this love story!  Kristen is a snarky smart woman who has been told she needs a hysterectomy at the age of 30-something. Josh is a firefighter who is looking for the right gal to have LOTS of kids with.  A fender bender has them meeting and then by happenstance Josh is BFF with her BFF’s finance’.  It was refreshing to have Josh genuinely LIKE Kristen from the beginning and the fact that he kept it consistently throughout the whole book.  Our author Abby needed to have Josh super invested in that relationship and his just say “OKAY” worked perfectly in the end.

The secondary characters were super funny. Shawn (another firefighter) is a jerk – but he has some of the best lines at the most appropriate times in the book.  Dick-Jars, Leggings don’t lie, Hoodies on loan – So Good!  Kristen’s puppy Stuntman Mike’s pithy dog shirt logos were hilarious like “DOGFATHER” –Alert – there is a sad sequence that is pretty gut-wrenching – like ugly crying sad but it actually lends to the story and I think will end up in the next book from Jimenez.

Our heroine Kristen’s “female” medical issue will resonate with lots of women.  I personally went thru the exact same issue only later in life – after my “reproduction” was in the past.  It is a relatable condition that female readers will completely understand.  FYI – Abby Jimenez is a Food Network Champion and founded Nadia Cakes.'m-reading

WRONG by Jana Aston

One of my favorite authors, Jana is hilarious.  Like really laugh out loud while your are reading her books!

Wrong revolves around barista Sophie and her fantasizing about one of her regular customers – Luke.  While she laments over what socks to wear for her “annual exam” — surprise, Luke ends up her gynecologist at the clinic!    There is a wonderfully romantic story line between Sophie and Luke — so it’s not all about sex….but there are some sexy times for sure!  Luke is sophisticated and 15 years older than Sophie and the journey to get these two together is hilarious ….. with some family/Ex drama along the way.  The waxing scene alone is worth the book and the surprise ending — SWOON!  I could not put the book down!  Best friend Everly is so much fun and get to know her because she is the star of the next book in the series RIGHT.  While there are four more books in this series — this is a standalone with no “cliffhanger” ending at all.  But you will buy that next book just to see what Jana could come up with next.  Love it!

SMUT Level:  MODERATE — The sexy times are definitely for the “smut-comfortable” contemporary romance reading crowd.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥ This first book will endear you forever to Jana Aston’s quirky fun characters!

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is an absolute hoot!  This is a “sworn enemies to lovers” troupe that does not disappoint.  After her sister’s wedding ends up in a pukey food poisoning disaster — both Olive (Maid of Honor) and Ethan (Best Man) are the only two standing. Off to Maui they go incognito as the Bride and Groom.  Hilariousness and unlikely romance ensues.  You will laugh out loud and swoon for the crazy happenstance run-ins with an ex and a soon to be boss on the island.

SMUT Level: None — some fun swearing but don’t worry about any “detailed” bedroom shenanigans.

RATING:  ♥♥♥♥♥  For the PG Romance crowd with lots of Laughs — this is a must read!



Kindle Unlimited is a fabulous subscription for the avid Reading Goddess!  I often finish a new book with a new author and just want to read all of her books she has ever written!  You can go to Kindle Unlimited and see what books are available for FREE on the site under that author.  The cost is only $5 a month and you get to check out 10 books at a time!  That is about the same as a just published e-book cost.

Many authors are starting to release new books via Kindle Unlimited before they publish the hardcover or e-book site wide for sale!  Check it out and you can always cancel at any time.

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

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