What to Buy your Midlife Man for Christmas
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What to Buy your Midlife Man for Christmas

What to buy your midlife man for Christmas? Whether it is for your husband, brother or good guyfriend, it’s always hard to find a good Christmas gift for that guy who already buys everything he wants. I end up buying him a bottle of bourbon and any last minute Amazon prime item so he has some packages to open. Not much of a Christmas morning surprise. This year I am going to be more proactive and look for some gifts he will use and love! No gift cards here — because you are better than that!

Angels Envy bottle
Angels Envy Bourbon from Louisville Trip

Please Note:  We will sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to at no additional cost to you.  I will only feature items I genuinely love and want to share with my reading Goddesses!

For the Traveling Salesman

Are you married to a weekly road warrior? Go for items that make his trip more comfortable and convenient. My husband is off to remote jobs at least every other week — often last minute. He throws two days worth of clothes in a carry-on, grabs his computer bag and off he goes. A few great options at various price point to give you a few ideas.

Kenneth Cole Urban Traveler

Organized compartments for his basic business travel needs: Computer slot and several other mesh pockets for any other needed belongings. There are no “battery” issues that would stop him from getting on the plane either.

What to buy your Man

Perfect for sitting in an airplane listening to his latest downloaded podcast or his classic rock playlist. The wireless option is the best for the guy with the phone that no longer has that headphone jack.

Rustic Town Dopp Kit

Stylish leather toiletry bag for all those grooming items required for proper overnight stay. It is super sturdy and waterproof to boot.

For the Amateur Chef

If you are lucky enough to have that guy who loves to cook for you — get him some fabulous cooking tools. My husband is really good at grilling — but I have exhausted his back deck grill with all the accoutrements already. Here are some ideas for your Kitchen Chef – Yum!

Lodge Skillet
15″ Lodge Skillet

A Good Pan $65

This is the bomb for a must have kitchen pan. We probably use this every other dinner on the stove top and in the oven. Buy a good Lodge skillet and it will last forever! This is a very “manly” heavy pan, too.

What to buy your Man

A man needs a good knife for cutting all those wonderful veggies he is putting in the stirfry. Keeping a sharp edge is a must — so don’t cheap out on this cutlery — he’ll love it!

Stainless Steel Grill Grids

OK — So if he only works well with grills — this is a unique option. Look at all those yummy shrimps and veggies!

My favorite Kitchen site SurLaTable.com has a free shipping promo on all the items above (here). You’ll need it for that heavy skillet!

For the Gym Rat

He loves to work out — you are a lucky lady! On the other hand, that laundry is super smelly, am I right? He will need a good duffle to carry around all those workout clothes and shoes. Just make sure to grab that bag on his way back to properly care for those shorts.

Sport Duffle Backpack

How cute is this? Stylish duffle backpack that has the room for the goods. It also has a separate compartment for those stinky shoes.

Men's Crocs
Pro LiteRide Clog

Men’s Crocs $60

I know what you are thinking — CROCS? My daughter’s boyfriend is at the gym every day. He loves his Crocs because he will not wear his gym shoes outside of that building. And so super comfy! Free shipping over $35 (here).

For the Outdoorsman

Your guy likes to go hunting or hiking — he needs some basics for out in the forest. These types of items are easy to find at his favorite outdoor shop — that way if they aren’t perfect for him — he can exchange for what he really wants. OR there is always Amazon Prime — returns are super easy!

Outdoor socks for your Man
100% Waterproof Socks

Hiking Trek Socks $30

Who wants socks for Christmas? These are specifically formulated to be breathable, reinforced and no seams. Keeping your outdoorsman warm, waterproof and cute in his boots!

Yeti Sidekick
Yeti Hopper Sidekick Dry

Hiking Man-Purse $50

Guys just love anything “Yeti”. This satchel is waterproof and floats while out in their kayak. And being a manly version of a purse will allow them to keep track of their keys, wallet and other man items needed out on the river.

What to Buy your Man

I just love a toasty fire on a fall night. You can watch your guy build a fire in this lovely fire ring. This one is portable so it can travel to the campsite in a convenient carrier. Up north there were several stores and private guys that will make these with some personalization as well.

For the Snappy Dresser

Skagen Men's Watch
Skagen Men’s Watch

Keep him on Time $95

A man’s watch is a personal pick so this is just an idea for you. Maybe place a play watch in the box and tell him that you want to go with him to buy a timepiece that looks good on him.

Kenneth Cole Belt
Kenneth Cole Belt

Belt it Out $40

Kenneth Cole has the best reversible belts out there. You can get something for his suit or his jeans.

For the Homebody

Sometimes a guy just needs to hang at home — especially a traveling salesman. My husband gets back from a long road trip for work and all he wants to do is hang low at the house. Here are a few things to make staying home a little more fun.

Custom Lake art cribbage board
Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Personalized Cribbage $70

This is super cool. We bought this for a guyfriend last Christmas. When you go to the site you are asked to personalize the lake. The dropdowns have every lake in the country available by State, County then the list of lakes. It’s a very thoughtful gift especially if it is a lake they grew up on.

Star Wars Whiskey Tumbler
Star Wars Whiskey Tumbler

Death Star Drinks $40

For the Star Wars geek who likes to drink whiskey. These tumblers are a fun addition to your bar for the cozy nights at home.

Sanuk for your Man

Our whole family is a Sanuk aficionado. These are so warm and cozy. Also manly enough for your guy to wear around the house.

100 Movies Poster
100 Movies Scratch-off Poster

Couch Potato Fun $15

Is your guy a classic movie buff? This neat poster has 100 all time favorite movies to scratch off the movie bucket list. Each movie box has a unique icon, that once scratched off, will be a great addition to his man cave.

For the Meat-Eater

Back to the grillmaster again. When my husband does cook — it is usually some type of meat. We are a low-carb family so lots of proteins are cooked in the kitchen and the grill. I bought this super cool meat thermometer for my husband last year. He loves it so much that we ended up buying them to give out to our man-friends last year for Christmas. Trust me, this thing works super well on the grill and IN the oven.

Meater Thermometer
Meater Meat Thermometer

Digital Temp Taker $70

Like I said, we have been using this for the last year. You sync it to your phone and enter the type and weight of the meat. The digital guide well tell you when to take the dish out of the oven based on how well you want the meat done. So far, it has been spot on when we go for Medium Rare — Yum!

Steak for your Man
Butcher Box $30 Off

Box of Meat $129

Butcher Box is a staple in our household. I sent my Dad a gift box of meat for Father’s Day this year and he absolutely loved it! They have all sorts of different “Gift Boxes” that you can send to your Man.

For his Undies

If you are going to fall back on “he always needs underwear” – at least get some good quality briefs that he will love. While you are at it — throw in some sexy stuff for yourself — that will really make his underwear gift more fun.

Tommy John for your Man
Tommy John Undies

Sexy Boxers $30

My guy is a Tommy John aficionado. To the point that he threw out all of the oldies that had been washed a million times and lost all shape. And oh are they sexy!

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club

First Box $5

While he is standing in his adorable boxers in the morning, give him the economical gift of awesome shaving products. You can buy a one time gift set or start a monthly subscription for the blades. Believe me, he will love these products and they work well on your lovely lady legs, too!

Tommy John Sleep Pants
Tommy John Sleep Pants

Pajama Cool $64

How cute are these? And so sweet on your guy! These sleep pants are silky soft with breathable fabric that holds its shape. He will adore them and so will you! You get 15% off your first order (here).

Speaking of Underwear

How about throwing some romantic fun into the mix? As an empowered, sexy wife or girlfriend you should look into setting up a Boudoir photography session for his eyes only. Boudoir photography has been around for a while and is no longer a seedy session.

Boudoir Pics for your Man
Boudoir Photography Session

Sexy Picture Box $Varies

You will need to do some searching in your area for a reputable photography studio (Red Door Photography here in Knoxville). The photographers are typically women who know how to make you feel comfortable during the session. Most offer Champagne while you are posing for these creative, elegant and beautiful pics for your Man.

Take Action Early

Christmas shopping early is much more organized then the last minute crazy or even the Black Friday hype. Don’t get me wrong — if you have an annual lady’s shopping event on that Friday — Enjoy! I always ended up buying items that were not really on my list — but they were on sale! So I skip that wild day — too cold!

Put your midlife-man list together and hold off for Cyber Monday at Amazon. As long as you don’t share an account with your partner, you can just keep a running cart. Hook up with Honey and you can set up an Amazon “drop list” — join (here). You put items in your “save for later” cart and Honey lets you know when the prices drop. Rakuten also gives you cash back at all of these sites — join (here). If you have the patience, it is a big money saver.

Have fun shopping for your midlife man — and always remember ladies — Midlife is only a Crisis if You Are!

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